Our research will build on previous work done over the years that locate culture at the center of sustainable health solutions.

Key headings

Culture, Race and Identity matter in Promoting health equity and social justice

PEN-3 Model Application

  • Assessment Phase
    • Qualitative methods
    • Create a 3×3 table as a team
  • Intervention Planning Phase
    • Report Back to community and discuss point of Entry
  • Assessment Phase
    • Decide on public strategy or private
    • Promote positive and you discourage negative

Key Findings from PEN-3 Research

  • Contexts – unpacking tensions and contradictions
    • Black masculinity and prevention decisions (Abernarty, Jack)
    • Hospitality and dietary intervention – (Barbara & Krase)
    • Disclosure and reconciling policy with cultural expectations
  • Family – the forest and the tree.
    • Nurses at the intersection of multiple agencies
    • Machismo – the multiple levels of manhood framed by Latinas (Erwin, Scanrinci)
  • Positive – the core of PEN-3
    • 80% of the 45 PEN-3 research cited identified positive values (Iwelunmor et al 2013)
  • Capacity Building for SDH
    • Cultural Strength – Clean Rwanda; Family matters; which model?
    • How do you see the glass?